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The technology of milling

Milling at Treko Laser means:
  • guarantee of obtaining elements of the highest quality through the use of the most modern milling machine AVIA VMC - 800 and AVIA VMC - 1300
  • any number of units
  • free choice of shapes of milling elements
  • 100% repeatability of shapes
  • maximum area of milling activity 1300mm x 540mm x 620mm
  • programming and digital control make it possible to obtain excellent quality
  • computer preparation of technological programs shortens the production preparation time
  • modern methods of production planning guarantee realization of orders in the shortest time possible

frezowanie CNC - AVIA-1300
The milling machine AVIA VMC-1300

Professional 3D CAD/CAM software

The machine park:
  • Vertical milling machine AVIA VMC - 800
  • Vertical milling machine AVIA VMC - 1300

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