spawanie laserowe

Cutting of steel extrusions modelled using the latest CAD/CAM 3D software. Cutting in pipes and profiles using a rotary axis, with the ability to chamfer the cut surface. Copper cutting using FIBER type laser. Laser welding of construction, stainless and galvanised steels.


wycinanie lasrem 3D

Possibility of positioning workpieces by means of a measuring head.

Quality and efficiency

cięcie laserem 3D

100% shape repeatability at high efficiency

Work areas

Cutting on a working area of 4000x2000x750mm using the most advanced 3kW FIBER laser cutter


laser 3D typu fiber

Construction steel sheets up to 25 mm, stainless steel sheets up to 25 mm, aluminium up to 15 mm, titanium up to 3 mm, brass up to 4 mm, copper up to 4 mm.